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The Fair Sex

by Patti Azzara

Saturday, May 22nd at 7pm

Director: Dandy Barrett

Producer: Sarah Lee Michaels

Technical Director: Laura Ploss

Join us for a reading of a new dramedy by Patti Azzara.  The Fair Sex tells the story of the Mitchell family, a salt-of-the-earth collective of tough love, tolerance, and old wounds that won't heal.  


Kate Mitchell loves her family: her parents,  Harlan and Evelyn; brothers, Ray and Benny; even her sister Gail, though it has become more and more difficult as they've gotten older. When Kate returns to her childhood home to celebrate her parents' fortieth wedding anniversary, she barely has one foot in the door before the dating advice, career guidance, and religious criticism start rolling in. Her sister in-law Mary does what any good friend would do, and takes her out on the town. In the bar, they run into Kate's old high school sweetheart, Jake Collins, who followed her to college before she transferred out. Everyone says Kate and Jake should have ended up together, even Earl Jenkins, the town's self-proclaimed knower of all things important, and Jake agrees. But Jake is married. So where does that leave Kate? Why is Gail so upset that he's made contact with Kate? And what is Mary hiding? It isn't long before deeply-buried truths are uncovered, and the Mitchells are faced with a decision: come together, or fall apart for good. 


Refreshing and light-hearted, despite the gravity of the subject matter, The Fair Sex is a play that reminds us that women are always stronger than they seem. 


Recommended for ages 16 plus, due to sensitive topics.

Click here to meet the cast, director, and playwright.

A Letter from the Producer

     I am always excited to collaborate with talented, creative people, especially when they are my friends.  When Patti, who I have known for over 20 years, asked me to take a look at her original play to offer to our current online Wilton Playshop play reading group, “The Playshop Playground”, I said “of course!”  After reading it, I insisted, “why don’t we produce this for a live streaming? Let’s tell this true-to-life story about women, sisterhood, and the family that stands by them.“ And, here we are!  

     Patti is just one of the many talented people I have been blessed to work with in this project.  I am so grateful to Dandy for agreeing to direct this play, and Laura for her always amazing expertise as Technical Director. Our cast is stellar--- some of the most talented actors I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for years, and some wonderful new ones I’ve just met!  Thank you all!  

     This Wilton Playshop premiere of The Fair Sex is the first of a new play series that we hope to continue going forward, even after the pandemic ends and we are back in the actual theater! (What a concept!)  We are proud to showcase this work with you, and look forward to sharing many other new works from talented playwrights in our community!  Thank you again for your continued and financial support during the pandemic, and we look forward to seeing you back at the theater very soon!

Sarah Lee Michaels