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Acoustic Comfort

Saturday, Feb 13th at 7pm

Produced by Donna Savage

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Wilton Playshop will be offering an acoustic concert via livestream on February 13th at 7pm.  Performing a blend of love and comfort songs, Acoustic Comfort will feature local talent including Wilton High School students Brycen Addison, Sophia Savage, and Natalie Schlesinger. The concert will be livestreamed through Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom.  Donations are graciously accepted as there is no charge for this event.  Grab a blanket, cozy up and get ready to be entertained! 


Kelley Addison, Brycen Addison, Dan Berg, Nancy Burger, Lorenzo Diurno, Jeff Fox, Brennan Gildersleeve, Matt Greene, Jack Jackson, Gerry Lee, Alysia Love, Mike Oliver, Patty Perry, 

Adrienne Reedy, Quinn Reedy, Donna Savage, Sophia Savage, Andy Schlesinger, Natalie Schlesinger, Dave Sonatore, John Taylor, Joan Wallace and Scott Weber

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