[title of show]

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Bowen

Book by Hunter Bell

October 29 - November 11, 2021


Direction: Nancy Meyer 

Musical Direction: Zachary Kampler

LOVE working at the Playshop! Very intimate and warm

                --Sally Cole

Always a great audience and super production team!

               --John Williams

Audition Information


Sunday, August 22nd @ 7pm

Monday, August 23rd @ 7pm

Callbacks (if necessary):

Wednesday, August 25th @ 7pm


Please prepare a song in the range of the character(s) you wish to audition for.  Come dressed to "move."


This is a musical about writing a musical based mostly on a true story. Two good friends, Jeff and Hunter, decide to enter a festival and write a musical in three weeks. They call in their friends Heidi and Susan to help them create and produce the show that remains untitled. What follows is the rollercoaster of collaboration, writing, performing, laughing, arguing, and dreaming. [title of show] truly captures the fun and frustrations of the creative process with friends. It’s a comedy, so rest assured that someone will find a way to rebuild the bridges and save the relationships—and possibly the show.

Role Descriptions:

Jeff (male lead) (tenor) range: G3 to high B4, some falsetto, must move well.  Jeff is the creative, detail-oriented, geeky, composer/lyricist. He’s a true New Yorker: a pessimistic idealist.


Hunter (male lead) (tenor) range: G3 to high B4, some falsetto, must move well. Hunter is the goofy, boyish, playful, fun-loving writer/playwright. He is easily distracted yet dedicated and passionate.


Heidi (female supporting) (mezzo soprano) range: G3 to F#5, belter, must move well. Heidi is a New York actor, full of hopeful dreams despite the many disappointments she’s experienced. She is both successful and confident and anxious and insecure, and above all, she is a good friend.


Susan (female supporting) (mezzo soprano) range: D#5/Eb5, belter, must move well. Susan is a “downtown” New Yorker actor with a corporate side. She is self-deprecating, fearful, and insecure, but she covers it with a slightly inappropriate comedic, jokey side.