[title of show]

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Bowen

Book by Hunter Bell

October 29, 2021- November 13, 2021

Directed by Nancy Meyer

Musical Direction by Zachary Kampler

Jeff and Hunter, two struggling writers, hear about a new musical theatre festival. However, the deadline for submissions is a mere three weeks away. With nothing to lose, the pair decides to try to create something new with the help of their friends Susan, Heidi and Larry on the eighty-eights. With the cast in place, Jeff and Hunter begin a conversation about what to write about. Eventually, Jeff suggests they write about what to write about. They make a pact to write up until the festival's deadline and dream about the show changing their lives. [title of show] -- taken from the space on the festival's application form which asks for the "[title of show]" -- follows Hunter and Jeff and their friends on their journey through the gauntlet of creative self-expression. In the span of 90 minutes they write and perform their show at the festival and learn lessons about themselves as people, friends and artists.

[title of show] is, above all, a love letter to the musical theatre -- a uniquely American art form -- and to the joy of collaboration.

A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

December 10-12, 2021

Directed by Scott Brill

Adapted and Performed by Patrick Spadaccino

A one-man adaptation of the Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  This classic 19th Century tale of the greed, bitterness and the harsh reality of life in that period is in stark contrast to the joyous Christmas season.  Patrick Spadaccino plays 25 different roles in the 90 minute performance and brings each character to life.  

"One actor. Twenty-five characters. A timeless tale of redemption and hope."


By Yasmina Reza

February 11- 26, 2022 

Directed by Lynne Colatrella

How much would you pay for a painting? Would it matter who the painter was? Would it be art? Art, by Yasmina Reza, is a wildly funny and naughtily provocative comedy about three long time friends who find their relationship on shaky ground when one of them buys an expensive white on white painting. The painting soon becomes a metaphor as the friends stumble into the ravines that have developed unnoticed, or unacknowledged, between the disparate paths their lives have taken. Lines are drawn, and the friends must decide how (or whether) to surrender old territory to find new common ground. 


Winner of the Moliere Award for Best Author, the 1998 Tony Award for Best Play and the 1996 Olivier Award for Best Comedy. 




April 22, 2022 - May 7, 2022

Direction/Musical Staging by Karen Morello

Musical Direction by Zachary Kampler

Choreography by Kelly Nayden

Evita charts the young and ambitious Eva Peron’s meteoric rise to sainthood. Set in Argentina between 1934-1952, the Tony-winning musical follows Eva Duarte on her journey from poor illegitimate child to ambitious actress to, as wife of military leader-turned-president Juan Peron, the most powerful woman in Latin America, before her death from cancer at age 33.

The events in Evita’s life are presented in song and commented on by the show’s narrator, Che. Well-known numbers from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical masterpiece include “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” “Oh What a Circus,” “Buenos Aires” and “Another Suitcase in Another Hall.